Chasing Dreams; Part 1

Chasing Dreams: Part 1

You get out of high school, its finally over. You’ll never have to sit through Guthries lessons again. Next thing you know you’re walking through a campus full of thousands of freshmen just like you. Aimlessly wandering around trying to figure out if the east wing is for actual sciences or social sciences and how the hell you get into the west hall.

You get out of high school and you walk into your first science college class. You recognize a few faces. Take a seat while you wait for the lecturer to start ..lecturing. Look to your left. Look to your right and you realize the face of a kid you used to go to elementary school with; thinking to yourself “damn he was good at math? Thought he was a history kid.”

Every face you look at you realize one common vibe. Anxiety. Even though this is your first day in the post secondary world, it’s the first day of the rest of your life. The last twelve years have prepared you for THIS moment. Anxious to be successful, to achieve a life worth writing home about. You have all the tools too succeed. This should somewhat be a breeze except for one little minor snag.

This is not where you want to be.

Growing up I had a lot of dreams. I wanted to be a cop. A high school teacher. A professor of Classical Studies; yet there was always one reoccurring dream; to own my own restaurant. It would fade in and out between other dreams. I’d find myself sketching restaurants floor plans in-between my history lectures. Or watching Cops and thinking about a personalized crystal wine glass. There are only so many times you can ignore that nagging feeling in your heart that tells you you’re doing the wrong thing. I’ve ran circles around myself trying to figure out what I want. For a year and a half I was convinced that I wanted to be in the world of events.

Don’t get me wrong. Event planners are amazingly creative people. I’ve met genius minds and people who are TRULY passionate about their careers. Wedding planners and tour coordinators. From A to B these people love what they do. But it’s not what I LOVE to do. From time to time I’d love to plan my own events. It took me some time to realize that but I do now.

I know the cliche of do what you love gets corny. I understand that. Do what you’re passionate about and sometimes that’s easier said than done. People get sidetracked by the money or the fame. They get deterred by people who don’t necessarily understand what pertains to you. You have to realize for YOURSELF what motivates you. Don’t listen to the people who think in the path that was set out for them; because that path is not for you.

There millions of things you can do. You just have to find what fits your life and what makes you happy. At the end of the day would you rather be in a career or job you hate; making a lot of money? Or in a place where you’re happy and energetic with not as much money? The money will come to you if you know what you’re doing satisfies you.

I heard a saying ‘don’t chase your dreams, hunt them down until you catch them’ . A little aggressive but I think it gets the point across. Before you spend 3 or 4 years in the program you chose; Look in the mirror and ask yourself if this is what you want out of life? If not you have some thinking to do. If so, you better get ready to hunt.



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