No Homo

I’m about to blank. Sorry bout it.

No Homo.

Two words paired together that have become a reflex statement in the black community. Definitive. Thanks Lil Wayne. You fuck ass cockroach. Males and females alike use statements like no homo and others in hopes of one thing; not appearing to be homosexual.

Showing some love. No homo.

That test was so hard. PAUSE.

You’re so beautiful. No homo.

This is going to sound homosexual but I think I’ll take a walk.

Hold the phones. If you’re not homosexual you don’t have to end it to the end of your statement to justify it. Do gays say ‘no hetero’?

Even I’ve become unaware of the derogatory terms that easily slip from my mouth. Just like the word “nigga” its become a part of day to day vocabulary. As of late, I’ve made the conscious decision to refrain from saying “faggot”,”homo” and similar terms. Why? I know somewhere out there someone is going to read something I say, and it’ll make them weary to claim who they truly are. Same applies to you. Its not right.Words stick.

I have friends who abuse these terms. I never stop them, or end the conversation signaling they crossed the line. Why? We have become desensitize to the derogatory terminology we use collectively as a society. We are so comfortable with disrespecting other people. People who haven’t done a damn thing to us.

There is nothing wrong with being homosexual. At all.

I don’t want to hear “OH IT WAS IN THE BIBLE”.

In the King James Version, Leviticus 18:22 is translated: “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination.”

I acknowledge that.

Even then, how many of you follow the bible word for word? Verbatim? If so, I can tell you the world would be one HELL off a different place. Hypocrites. You parade around like your lives are lived my the word of the bible, condemning and judging those who choose not to follow the same steps as you. Who are you to judge if you are a man of flesh?

I do believe the bible also says John 8:7 “Let he without sin amongst us, cast the first stone at her.” Referring to judging someone if you yourself are without sin. If being gay is a “sin” you have NO place to judge another based on your own life. You’re a sinner too. No one is perfect baby.

We as a people have become such a hateful and bigoted community when less than a 100 years ago, we were the targeted. In no way, do gay people affect YOUR life. They don’t take the food off your plates. They don’t take the clothes off your back. Yet we treat them like lepers, miscreants. Who cares if they’re flamboyant or not? Who CARES if they want to go to gay bars? Why do you care so fucking much? Your rent paid this month? You focus on the wrong things, instead of focusing on then as HUMANS; you dehumanize them and make them one thing, their sexuality.

I have a good gay friend, Alex, who has told me, he’s flamboyant because everyone insinuates and tells him gays act like females. The world around him makes him feel like being gay means you have to be feminine. He has grown accustomed to the idea that being gay is synonymous with being a woman. Alex was football quarterback for a winning HS team 3 years in a row and a water polo powerhouse. All while knowing, he was gay. That was 2 years ago. Feminine? I think not.

Evolve as a people. If its a choice, it is THEIR choice. If they are born gay, IT IS THEIR LIFE. Not yours. I’m appalled that people still beat up people based on something that affects them in NO way. I’m tired of hearing gays ruined the sanctity of marriage. No, you heterosexual fucks did with your constant divorces that love publicizing. I’m tired of hearing “gay people shove their ‘gayness’ down others throats” while you heterosexual fucks basically fornicate in nightclubs. You think there are no gay people in that club? You don’t know these people. I’m tired of straight men assuming all gay men want to jailhouse rape them, when even straight women won’t glance twice in their direction.

Day in day out I see people, men specifically, demean and degrade men who don’t share the same sexual orientation. The same people who don’t want to be judged are the same people judging. At least once a week, I see users on Twitter attacking gay men. Looking for pictures of gay men to make a mockery of them. Dragging these people until they don’t feel safe enough to have a twitter account.

You know what?

As a heterosexual woman, my cape is flying for the gays. When we start treating them properly, ill shut up. I don’t care if they don’t want my support. I don’t care if y’all think I’m wrong. I’m making a conscious effort to do unto others as I’d like to have done unto me.

Let me stop though. There are bigger battles to be fought. This shouldn’t even be a topic of discussion. However, just remember this; the loudest in the crowd, pointing fingers, throwing rocks and screaming names is usually the guiltiest.

No homo, right?


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