a poem about love

I always have you in a time of need.
You’re always ready to help me up on my feet.
You make me whole.
You feed my soul.
And you thump like the heart beneath these bones.
Drums like a pulse and my running veins
Intoxicate me
More powerful than any drug I’ve ever known
Give me more reign, than a queen on a throne
I don’t need fancy flowers from you
I don’t need you too hold me too make me feel good
You move my body more than I ever knew
I can never get sick of you,
You make me smile like a fool
And without hesitation, I can turn to you
Make me feel like more than a woman,
You make me feel brand new
Unhealthy won’t define me
It’s an obsession with you
You feed my mind, my heart, personal soul food
I can’t get mad when you cheat on me,
I want the world to explore you
Admire your broad, beautiful tapestry
Let the others live what I lived
When we created our own fantasy
And even when you do to them
What you’ve done to me
We share our hidden secret that they’ll never see
I’d never leave you, hurt or abuse you
Sometimes I need you more than I need cooked food
I confess my love and dying adoration.
I’m yours forever.
I love you.
No matter what you do,
I’ll always keep you.



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